This function allows to write nested hierarchies into files on your disk.

hier_export(tree, as = "df", path, verbose = FALSE)



a (nested) hierarchy created using hier_create() or modified using hier_add(), hier_delete() or hier_rename().


(character) specifying the export format. Possible choices are:

  • "df": a data.frame with two columns. The first columns contains a string containing as many @ as the level of the node in the string (e.g @ corresponds to the overall total while @ would be all codes contributing to the total. The second column contains the names of the levels.

  • "dt": like the df-version but this result is converted to a data.table

  • "argus": used to create hrc-files suitable for tau-argus

  • "json": json format suitable e.g. as input for the shinyTree package.

  • "code": code required to generate the hierarchy

  • "sdc": a list which is a suitable input for sdcTable


(character) relative or absolute path where results should be written to


(logical) additional results


h <- hier_create(root = "Total", nodes = LETTERS[1:2]) h <- hier_add(h, root = "A", nodes = c("a1", "a2")) h <- hier_add(h, root = "B", nodes = c("b1", "b2")) h <- hier_add(h, root = "b1", nodes = "b1a") hier_display(h)
#> Total #> ├─A #> │ ├─a1 #> │ └─a2 #> └─B #> ├─b1 #> │ └─b1a #> └─b2
# export as input for tauArgus hier_export(h, as = "argus", path = file.path(tempdir(), "h.hrc"))